How do you prove your value?

You don’t. They do.

You show value every time you show up and put something out into the world. You are valuable just for the fact that you are you and have a unique set of gifts that you use to help others.

But not everyone is going to see the value in your offer or your coaching. They don’t see how you can help them, or they don’t believe they need it.

You have to be the one to show them what they need and get your offer in front of them so they can decide that they need it. Good marketing does that.

But, if they’re not in the ‘pain,’ or can’t feel it at the moment, it’s likely they’ll ignore any message that comes scrolling across their newsfeed or lands in their inbox.

How to get them to see your value

Be persistent.

If you’re not putting yourself in front of the right people consistently you can pretty much guarantee a ‘no’ from the people who do see you occasionally.

But if you’re consistent, and persistent, even those who are most in denial could have a change of heart.

This goes back to the ‘7 touches theory’ – it takes 7 touches to get someone to take the action you want them to take. This number has increased in today’s crowded online marketplace, so it’s even more crucial that you show up often, preferably on several platforms, with the same message.

Shift your mindset

Successful online entrepreneurs understand this and don’t hold back when it comes to getting seen and heard.

But, if your mindset is such that you feel you’re ‘being a nuisance’ or too ‘salesy’ or you can’t see why others would want to hear from you umpteen times….well, guess what?

They won’t hear you at all! They’re not paying attention to you because you’re not doing anything to get their attention – and that’s the issue!

If you’ve got a story going on about how others will perceive you, honestly, be grateful that anyone perceives you at all.

Bad press is better than no press.

Because what happens when you’re in hiding, playing small, is that your ideal clients who are seeking help will end up with someone else because they can’t find you.

It’s not that they don’t see your value, it’s that they don’t see YOU.

So, while, yes, you do bring value to the world, inherently, what good is it if you’re sitting quietly in front of your fireplace dreaming about how you can help your clients, but you’re not doing what it takes to get those clients to see your value?

It’s not enough to STAND IN your value; let your value STAND OUT so others can recognize that it’s valuable to them – because being the best kept secret isn’t serving anyone.

“People who add value to others do so intentionally. I say that because to add value, leaders must give of themselves, and that rarely occurs by accident.”
~ John C. Maxwell


Carol Ann DeSimine is the creator of The Goddess Way to Thrive in Business. She created The Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind to help experienced coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs get off the hamster wheel and on the path to 6-figure success. To learn how to simplify your business so that you can make a bigger impact, download her free report, 5 Pillars to a 6-figure Soul-centered Business

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