Align With Your Design: What It Means To Live Your Truth

You’ve probably been told at least once in your life that you should live your truth. You might be living your truth or you might wonder what living your truth even means. But the ‘truth’ is, living your truth means different things to different people.

What Is Living Your Truth?

Living your truth is accepting yourself for who you are, which begs the question: Who are you?

When you do a self assessment, are you totally honest? Are you focusing on your assets as much as your flaws, or are you beating yourself up because you’re not perfect? To live your truth, you must accept anything you see as flaws and learn to shift them or use them to your advantage.

Here’s an example: I’m an introvert. Many people might see this as a negative. But, I’ve learned to make it work for me and live according to that part of my personality. Yes, I can be ‘on’ when I need to be, but I also need to retreat. I have accepted that I am not designed to be in front of hundreds of people; a handful of the right people is where I thrive in my business and in life. Crowds make me nervous.

Living your truth also means that you love yourself and embrace the life that you are given. Of course, we all have a bigger vision and are moving toward it on our life path but, for now, decide that you will be happy no matter what comes your way. The breakdown comes before the breakthrough!

How Living Your Truth Will Change Your Life

In today’s online space, especially on social media, we’re all under pressure to be more of who we are, both physically, financially, and psychologically. This is why the personal development industry is thriving more than ever. But, if you are constantly trying to change who you are in ways that are not true to your soul, this will just lead to unhappiness. When you decide to align with who you are and accept yourself just the way you are, you’ll experience less frustration and more satisfaction (especially if you’re a Generator in Human Design).

When you let satisfaction be your GPS, you’ll have more physical energy, more joy, and even improved health because you’re living stress-free. Basically, when you decide to live the truth, your life will be transformed to be happier and you will be overall healthier.

How Can You Live Your Truth?

If you are struggling with finding a way to live your truth, you’re not alone. It’s one of the big questions of life, since most of us are conditioned to be one way, yet are feeling the call to be another. De-conditioning is no easy feat, but once you are aware of your ‘not-self’ you begin to shift away from those patterns that you were given by other people! You start to value your worth, your talents, and your combination of gifts that are unique to you. You truly are a once in a lifetime creation, and it’s your responsibility to express that in the world!

Some of the ways you can help yourself to live your truth and appreciate your worth is by making a list of all the things you are good at. Also include in this list all the amazing people and things you have in your life. You’ll see all the good that you attract, and this helps to generate gratitude.

Human Design Will Get You Back to Your Truth

Only you know what your truth is and the best way to live it. No one else can tell you what your truth is,  because it means something different to you than it does to anyone else.

As you embark on the journey to live your truth, a human design reading will give you great insight on how to do that. You’ll learn your best decision-making process and strategy for life. In the end, you are the one who makes the decision to align with your design, or not, and to live your truth, regardless of what others say or think about you. They have their design, you have yours, and it’s your truth, not theirs!

A Human Design reading can change how you ‘do life’. It’s the most accurate way to discover what you’re here to do in the world, your capabilities, natural tendencies, as well as the shadow aspects. Basically, you’ll discover what people see in you – even when you don’t – and how to answer the callings of your soul. You can schedule a Human Design reading and coaching session here.

“I have had several readings from astrologers and the best psychics around. I had a reading from Carol Ann using Human Design. It was most helpful. Not only did my Human Design chart confirm what some of the previous readings/psychics said, but it added some new information for me to consider! I can only imagine what a full advanced reading would tell me! Carol Ann presented the information in a professional and caring way, so that it was easy to understand and assimilate. I am looking forward to learning more about my character, personality and destiny from further readings.”
~Richard Rybicki, Psychotherapist & Author, The Metaphysics of Breast Cancer

Carol Ann DeSimine is a Creative Business Coach & Book Mentor who incorporates Human Design into her work to ensure that her clients are living their truth according to their soul's calling. Through and The Goddess Way to Thrive in Business brand, she uses a practical spiritual approach for coaches, experts, and spiritual practitioners to create a 6-figure business based on her 5 Pillars of a 6-figure Soul Centered Business. To discover what they are download her free resource here.

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