I was born on 1-1-1. I’m a Capricorn, right up there with Jesus and Elvis. Does it get any better than that? After all, the Goat is known for climbing – albeit slow and steady – to the top of the mountain with ease. We do it subtly, without much accolade or clamor. We don’t need much outside reinforcement. We believe in our power. Motivation is intrinsic and we’re constantly moving forward. Occasionally, we have setbacks, but we deal with them and get right back on the steady path.


Sometimes, life just happens.

We might not be sure of where we want to go but, because of our ambitious nature, we Capricorns end up where we need to be. I never set out to become an entrepreneur, but here I am.

Looking back, the career stepping stones that led me to where I am today were fortuitous; each one presented as an opportunity that I said “yes” to, and each came with a meaningful life lesson that made me who I am today.


My first adult job was in a library. I was good at research and the only full-time employee, so by default, I became the reference librarian. I learned that you don’t need to have all the answers, you just need to know where to find them.  

Curriculum Writer:

From there I moved on to an international educational organization, where I worked my way up to Assistant Director.  I did a lot of things, but mostly I wrote curriculum around creative problem-solving. I learned to tap into my own creativity, and how to recognize and nurture my natural gifts and talents.

Student and Artist:

I returned to school as a “nontraditional student” to earned a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in Public Relations. I took a photography course, and the next thing I knew,  I was a fine art photographer, exhibiting in galleries and selling my work. I learned to express my ideas intellectually and visually.

Adjunct Professor:

My M.A. gave me the credibility, but the calling to teach came much earlier. I put it out to the Universe, and suddenly, I was an adjunct professor teaching photography and layout and design. That part-time gig lasted more than 10 years. I learned to own that I am an expert in many areas and that it is my purpose to share my knowledge and wisdom with others.

Yoga Instructor: As my interest in yoga deepened, I enrolled in a weekend training. Before I knew it I was teaching classes regularly. I developed my own kick-ass style and gained a loyal following. Every physical aspect of yoga is a metaphor for how we live our lives. I learned flexibility, endurance, and how to let go.

I became an “official” entrepreneur on January 6, 2006.

So my business is a Capricorn, too. I had little business background when I started my first business, Big Eye Media, but I drew from lessons gained from my experience and continued to move forward, learning along the way. I never looked back. I rebranded to The Sizzle System in January 2014 (still a Capricorn!) to leverage my worth and serve more people and then to align.believe.create in 2018 to serve more of the right people. Sure I’ve had my shares of ups and downs just like any other entrepreneur. I learned to draw on my inner strength to overcome adversity and to course correct as necessary. 

My business will continue to meet obstacles and experience changes, I’m sure. What they will be, I can’t predict. The answer lies only in the stars. But, I’m counting on my business being true to its Capricorn nature, continuing to climb slow and steady to the top of that proverbial mountain. I’ve learned to trust.

What set of circumstance got you where you are today?

Are you where you are now by choice or by design of something greater? Does your business –- or your career path — reflect the same qualities as your astrological sign? I’d love to hear your take on this topic. Share in the comments below.
Carol Ann DeSimine is a Creative Business Coach & Book Mentor who incorporates Human Design into her work to ensure that her clients are living their truth according to their soul's calling. Through alignbelievecreate.com and The Goddess Way to Thrive in Business brand, she uses a practical spiritual approach for coaches, experts, and spiritual practitioners to create a 6-figure business based on her 5 Pillars of a 6-figure Soul Centered Business. To discover what they are download her free resource here.

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