Raise Your Vibe & Start Magnetizing!

Attracting ideal clients is at the top of the list for most entrepreneurs.
Once you understand that client attraction is as much an energetic as it is a business strategy, it becomes easier to magnetize the clients you dream of working with. I call that person your Dream Client.

You still need the basics in place that make up your brand: what you stand for, results-based messaging, your heart-connecting brand story, professional-looking visuals, and knowing what platform will get you in front of the people who need you.

Once that’s all in place, there’s no need to chase clients, because if your heart and head are energetically aligned – and your branding resonates with them — they’ll be chasing you. The secret is that you have to stay in the right mindset to make that happen on a consistent basis. Here are 7 tips to attract your ideal client:

  1. Get Clear on the Characteristics of the Clients You Want to Work With. You can base this on someone you’ve enjoyed working with in the past. List the qualities that are important to you. Here are points to consider:
    – Do they willingly pay you what you ask?
    – Do they pay you on time?
    – Do they honor your time and keep their appointments, or give you advance notice when they need to reschedule?
    – Do they value and appreciate your expertise?
    – Do they respect you and your business model?
  2. Create a Clear Vision of Your ONE Dream Client. Imagine connecting hearts with someone you’d love to work with and would love to work with you. What does she look like? What does she do? What problems does she have that you can easily solve? Hold that picture in your mind of the one person that represents all of your Dream Clients.
  3. Connect with Your Dream Clients Energetically. Raise your vibration. When you’re in a high vibe, you become a match for other high-vibe clients. Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart and visualize energetically connecting to many Dream Clients. Know that they are already there, just waiting to emerge, and you have to be open to receive them.
  4. Feel What It Would Be Like to Serve Your Dream Clients. “Act as if” you’re already working with your Dream Client. How would you BE? What would you say? How does it make you feel to help her solve her most pressing issues? Imagine sharing the joy she’ll feel when you help her solve those issues.
  5. Find Ways to Get In Front of Your Dream Client. Where does your Dream Client expect to find you? Online? At networking events? You can magnetize, but you have to be visible – and findable! Just like you don’t want to work too hard to attract your Dream Clients, you can’t expect them to work so hard to find you.
  6. Make It Easy for Your Dream Client to Say Yes. Start the conversation. Nurture them and build a relationship, wherever they are. Follow up. Make offers that speak to what they want. Invite them to work with you, but make it clear what you can do for them.
  7. Show up with Confidence. Whether it’s on a call or in person, turn on your light and shine bright! People want to associate with others who have a level of confidence and certainty that they admire. That’s you! When you know you are the answer to your Dream Clients’ prayers, confidence comes naturally.

Follow these 7 tips and before you know it you’ll be magnetizing clients you are meant to serve. With ease. No chasing.

Please share the love by commenting below to let me know your client-attraction secrets!

Carol Ann DeSimine is a Creative Business Coach & Book Mentor who incorporates Human Design into her work to ensure that her clients are living their truth according to their soul's calling. Through alignbelievecreate.com and The Goddess Way to Thrive in Business brand, she uses a practical spiritual approach for coaches, experts, and spiritual practitioners to create a 6-figure business based on her 5 Pillars of a 6-figure Soul Centered Business. To discover what they are download her free resource here.

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