I’m Carol Ann Desimine

High-End Offers & Messaging Specialist

I help spiritually focused women, age 55 and over, profit from their wisdom, without having to learn more tech and tactics

Your Wisdom is Enough

Want to create a high-end offer with messaging that makes it an easy yes to your soulmate clients? That’s what I’m here for!

Claim Your Leadership

Forget the tactics! A cohesive content strategy is the best way to get your message in front of the people you’re here to help.

Aligned & Irresistible

Serve from your highest level

Align.Believe.Create. on-purpose coaching is for ‘seasoned’ spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to do your deepest-level soul work with clients who are ready to receive it. You’ve done all the ‘growth’ strategies, now it’s your turn to help others grow!

Let your message do the heavy lifting

Uplevel your client base

Get your time back

Stop marketing & start attracting

Goddess55 Circle

Designed for women over age 50 who want customized support for their coaching/healing business without having to learn more tech and tactics. It's an affordable way to grow your business where offers and messaging are the driver.


In this 'concept to completion' 90-day proprietary process, Carol Ann works with you 1:1 to help you write your expert book and publish it on Amazon.

High-end Messaging 30-day Immersive

For a limited time, available as a 1:1 VIP Experience at the same investment as the group program. We'll package your soul work into a high-end offer with messaging that basically sells it for you.

Foundational Courses

Access all work-at-your-own pace courses in Create & Thrive Academy for only $497 (value $1997): Create & Launch Your 6-figure Signature System, The List Builders Freedom Funnel Flow and more.

What is The Goddess Way and Who is it for?

The philosophy behind alignbelievecreate and The Goddess Way to Scale & Simplify brand is to help you align with your soul’s calling while simplifying your business. It’s for established coaches, healers and experts in the transformational space. You’re creative, but you need to make your creations work for you. You get great results for your clients, but you want to work with more of them. You support yourself through your business, but it’s never enough… My process follows a 5-pillar approach that follows the path of least resistance for ultimate impact.

1. Create a high-end offer

Every established leader should be making high-end offers. Whether it’s $2,000 or $20,000, we’ll package your deepest-level soul work in a way that transforms lives.

2. Aligned Messaging & Marketing

We’ll craft messaging based on your Human Design with a content plan that does the heavy lifting for you and calls in your right-fit clients. 

3. Grow Your Audience

Once you have your offer and messaging, we focus on audience growth through your email list and social media, whichever platform feels right for you.

4. Leverage Your Leadership

At some point you’ll want to lead groups, whether it’s through a paid group program, workshops, free trainings, or a simple launch to share your message with more people who are ready to buy.

5. Scale & Simplify

Less input for more output! Once you have your high-ticket offer and your messaging, and an audience to sell to, you’ll be ready to add more automation and ASSETS for passive income.

About Me

I’ve devoted my work to helping transformational experts stand in their value and get paid what they’re worth with a high-end offer that positions their leadership. My superpower is to ‘articulate the invisible’ in messaging that communicates value and makes you a ‘must have’ to your most ideal clients. 

I created align.believe.create on-purpose coaching and The Goddess Way after having an “awakening” that put me on the path to living my own higher purpose. Discovering Human Design confirmed my life path and soul’s purpose, so I incorporate it into my coaching for deeper insights into my clients’ most aligned path to success.

I’m dedicated to empowering women to ‘play full out and fully expressed’ without working harder or selling your soul – especially those in the ‘fall’ season of life, who have so much wisdom, but still need a guide who sees them at the soul level and provides customized support that meets them where they are.

Soul-satisfied Clients

I recommend working with Carol Ann if you are looking for clarity and simplicity.

She will pare the pile of loose ends down to a beautiful simple idea that fits you perfectly and people will buy it.

Jennifer R.

Carol Ann cares about her clients and truly wants them to succeed.

She becomes your partner, works with you, and holds you accountable to stand in your leadership!

Eileen J

Feeling very blessed to be one of Carol Ann’s coaching clients.

Her support has helped me to step up my game and offer my gifts to support other women entrepreneurs to grow their business and increase their sales – as I increase mine.

Patty T.


Branding from the Inside Out

Girlfriend, we need to talk about your brand… is a step-by-step process to brand your business “from the inside out” in only 90 days.

Craft Outcome-based Messaging

Stop chasing clients and start magnetizing them like the Goddess that you are!

Monetize Your Purpose!

This workbook and audio training will help you identify your life purpose, craft your soul’s calling story using the align.believe.create process.

Align with your design.

Serve from you highest frequency.

Transform lives.

Work easy, not hard.

You get to a certain stage where trying to learn more becomes counterintuitive and self sabotaging… when you look around and realize your wisdom is your most valuable asset. You don’t need another course, or marketing tactic… I’m here to hold you as powerful when you can’t do that for yourself… to bring your wisdom to the forefront so it’s enough and there’s nothing to prove… you’re a Goddess with so much to give. Let’s get you PAID for that wisdom, without having to do more or ‘earn your keep’… after all, this is your purpose and you have nothing more to prove!

Since I started working with Carol Ann, I have realized quantum leaps in my personal growth.

I started working with Carol Ann to write the book I’d wanted to write for more than 15 years. I am so excited that my book was published in less than 6 months while working with her! I then worked with Carol Ann in her mentorship program. I have worked with plenty of coaches and mentors before, both in my personal and in my professional life. However, Carol Ann’s mentorship style guided me to get better and quicker results. Finally, her expertise enabled me to feel empowered as I moved into growing my coaching practice.

Brenda Hornung

Author & Love Life Again Coach

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