I’m Carol Ann Desimine

High-End Messaging & Offers Specialist & Content Strategist 

Helping coaches, creatives & transformational leaders to Scale & Simplify their Soul-centered Business

Stand in Your VALUE

Want to create a high-end offer with messaging that makes it an easy yes to your soulmate clients? That’s what I’m here for!

Power Up Your Message

Forget the tactics! A cohesive content strategy is the best way to get your message in front of the people you’re here to help.

Helping You Uplevel & Align

Align with your highest-level frequency

Align.Believe.Create. on-purpose coaching is about empowering you to do your deepest level soul work with clients who are ready to receive it – and get great results. As you grow, your business and client base should grow, too. 

Align with your highest-level frequency

Work with next-level clients you are meant to serve

Create more freedom, joy and ease

Messaging, not marketing

The Goddess Way to Scale & Simplify Mastermind

Transformation, not more information. This is an intimate group mastermind for established coaches, creatives and experts in the advanced growth to leverage stage, and you're ready to scale.


In this 'concept to completion' 90-day proprietary process, Carol Ann will work with you 1:1 to help you write your expert book in 90 days and publish it in paperback and on Amazon.

High-end Messaging 30-day Immersive

Dial in your messaging so your high-end offer is an easy yes for your soul-mate clients

Create & Thrive Academy

Courses and resources that help you create your signature system, grow your email list, and launch a pilot program that you can turn into a course.

What is Align.Believe.Create. on-purpose coaching and who is it for?

Alignbelievecreate is the philosophy behind The Goddess Way to Scale & Simplify brand, and Just Do It, Write Now… “Align with your Passion, Believe in your Power and Create on Purpose”. It’s for transformational coaches, authors, healers, and experts who are ready to lead and serve from your Zone of Genius, working with clients you love and getting paid what you deserve. My mission is to help you stand in your value, package your brilliance, and serve your clients at your highest level. The two core values that drive what I do in my business are simplicity and alignment – that’s The Goddess Way!

1. Align with your higher purpose

I assess your vision, desires, values, gifts, talents, experience, and story to determine who you are at your essence and what you are designed to do, to make sure your business is aligned with your soul’s calling.

2. Believe in your Power

Once we determine your most valuable assets, we’ll do the inner work necessary for you to ”Unleash your Inner Goddess” and show up with confidence and courage to charge what you deserve and easily attract clients you are meant to serve.

3. Create something amazing!
Using my visionary superpowers, I help you create your irresistible offer, whether it’s a signature program or course, writing a book, packaging your services for greater transformation, or even planning a workshop/retreat/talk.
4. Monetize Your Brilliance

Once you have your offer, you’ll want to get it out into the world. We work on your high-level message, branding, visibility, and a cohesive content plan that gets you seen, heard, and PAID.

5. Position Your Leadership

It’s harder than ever to stand out in this oversaturated online marketplace. You don’t need to achieve guru status to do great work, and you shouldn’t have to spend hours on end marketing when you could be doing what you do best. I’m here to help you simplify your strategies so you can stop worrying about being everything to everyone, and be who you are meant to be!

About Me

I’ve devoted my work to helping transformational experts get their message out into the world to establish their thought leadership, and create high-end offers so they get paid for the amazing work they bring to the world. My superpower is ‘seeing the gap’ of what’s missing to help you live your bigger vision. As a Book Mentor with nearly 30 years of writing, editing, and publishing experience.

I created align.believe.create on-purpose coaching after having an “awakening” that put me on the path to living my own higher purpose. I am dedicated to empowering other women – and men – to live their purpose and play full out and fully expressed, especially those who are in the ‘fall’ season of life, and have plenty left to express in the world.

Happy Clients

I recommend working with Carol Ann if you are looking for clarity and simplicity.

She will pare the pile of loose ends down to a beautiful simple idea that fits you perfectly and people will buy it.

Jennifer R.

Carol Ann cares about her clients and truly wants them to succeed.

She becomes your partner, works with you, and holds you accountable to make sure you succeed!

Eileen J

Feeling very blessed to be one of Carol Ann’s coaching clients.

Her support has helped me to step up my game and offer my gifts to support other women entrepreneurs in growing their business and increasing their sales – as I increase mine.

Patty T.

Resources to Grow Your 6-figure Business

Build Your Brand

Girlfriend, we need to talk about your brand… is a step-by-step process to brand your business “from the inside out” in only 90 days.

Attract More Clients - The Goddess Way

Stop chasing clients and start magnetizing them like the Goddess that you are!

Find Your Most Marketable Gift!

This workbook and audio training will help you identify your life purpose, craft your soul’s calling story using the align.believe.create process.

Align With Your Purpose.

Empower Your Mindset.

Transform Lives.

Make a BIG Impact.

If you’re feeling stressed and confused because you know there’s got to be more to life than what you’re doing now, but you’re not sure what it is, I can help. I was there once, too, and I figured it out. I answered my soul’s calling and now I am BE-ing who I am meant to BE, empowering entrepreneurs, like you, to live full out & fully expressed. I Unleashed MY Inner Goddess and I want to help you unleash yours!

Here’s what Jack Canfield says in The Success Principles: “With a purpose, everything seems to fall into place…you’re doing what you love…what you’re good at and accomplishing what’s important to you. When you truly are on purpose, the people, resources, and opportunities you need naturally gravitate toward you.”

It really does happen that way. Like magic.

Since I started working with Carol Ann, I have realized quantum leaps in my personal growth.

I started working with Carol Ann to write the book I’d wanted to write for more than 15 years. I am so excited that my book was published in less than 6 months while working with her! I then worked with Carol Ann in her mentorship program. I have worked with plenty of coaches and mentors before, both in my personal and in my professional life. However, Carol Ann’s mentorship style guided me to get better and quicker results. Finally, her expertise enabled me to feel empowered as I moved into growing my coaching practice.

Brenda Hornung

Author & Love Life Again Coach

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